The all-new RIO


Bigger, bolder and poised for adventure

Get ready for excitement. With a new look, more interior space, and bracing performance, the all-new Kia Rio has charm that deepens when you get behind the wheel. It’s more than a city car. It’s a city-to-city car.

Bi-projection headlamps

Electric folding mirrors

Radiator Grille


See the road from a position of heightened control

The cockpit prioritizes information and limits visual and manual distractions. The cluster presents driving data, while a center floating display simplifies access to a range of entertainment and comfort controls.

Auxiliary and USB connections

Full-folding 2nd row seats

60:40 split-folding rear seats


Telescopic & tilt steering

Adjustable seatbelt anchor

Front & rear door bottle holders


Give yourself room to live out those dreams

Whether it’s an average day or the trip of a lifetime, the all-new Rio makes the good life that much easier to achieve. Get familiar with its clever approaches to stowing cargo and putting people at ease.


The power to pull ahead of the pack

The all-new Rio combines utter efficiency with a constant reserve of power. Its handling around town is smooth and agile. And when speed is called for, you’ll love the punch of the performance it offers.

Automatic transmission

A smoothshifting 4-speed Automatic transmission smoothly transfers the engine’s torque.

Manual transmission

An efficient 6-speed Manual transmission offers quick, smooth shifts and gear ratios selected to fit the engine’s torque curve.


A single-minded obsession with everything that could go wrong

Jaminan dan After Sales Service Passenger Vehicle

  • Garansi mesin dan transmisi selama 5 tahun tanpa batas jarak tempuh
  • Garansi part warranty selama 1 tahun / 20.000 km
  • Garansi AKI selama 1 tahun / 20.000 km
  • Gratis Jasa Service selama 4 tahun / 50.000 km