Bold Design That Catches Every Eye

The strong, silent type that can also roar

Athletic contours make Seltos look like it’s ready to pounce.
Refined details hint at a calm intelligence. The styling conveys strength and composure that come to life on the road.

LED Headlamps

Energy-efficient LED headlamps combine the benefits of longevity and immediate, consistent illumination for a clearer view of the road at night.

LED rear lamps

Energy-efficient LEDs in the rear lighting clusters offer immediate illumination and consistent brightness, as well as phenomenal longevity.

Dual exhaust-pipe tips

Dual black exhaust apertures with dramatically shaped chrome garnish add a classic performance-car touch, giving the sculpted rear bumper an appealing symmetry.


Elegant & Comfortable Functionality

The spacious and welcoming interior combines a simple, intelligent driver interface with firm yet comfortable seating and tasteful appointments for everyone inside. A well-balanced suspension delivers a smooth ride. An available sunroof adds to the cabin’s open feeling. The decor is sophisticated, but it can also be livened up with a variety of bold color treatments.

D-cut steering wheel

Jaminan dan After Sales Service Passenger Vehicle

  • Garansi mesin dan transmisi selama 5 tahun tanpa batas jarak tempuh
  • Garansi part warranty selama 1 tahun / 20.000 km
  • Garansi AKI selama 1 tahun / 20.000 km
  • Gratis Jasa Service selama 4 tahun / 50.000 km